The attorneys at Bizar & Doyle, LLC have the experience needed to modify your mortgage and get you the relief you need to stay in your house.

We work aggresively with all Mortgage companies to modify your loans giving you the rates you need.

Our goal is not only to keep you in your house but to get you better terms on your mortgage rates. We work closely with all our clients to provide the best result for each individual case.

Additionally, we will immediately assist you if you are behind on your mortgage or have been negatively affected by these trying times.

A Mortgage Loan Modification can:

  • Lower your monthly payment;
  • Lower your interest rate;
  • Give you a fixed interest rate for 30 to 40 years;
  • Move outstanding balances to the back of the loan;
  • Prevent foreclosure and bankruptcy;
  • Lower your principal balance; and
  • Give you time to get back on your feet.

Even if you are current on your mortgage, you should not be prevented from the burden from financial strain associated with a high mortgage payment and unreasonable interest rates.

Call now to talk to an experienced attorney to see if you qualify for a loan modification.


If you have any further questions on mortgage loan modifications contact an attorney at Bizar & Doyle, LLC by calling us at 888-536-0213 or by completing the brief Free Mortgage Modification Evaluation.